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Roy McLendon Jr.

Roy McLendon Jr. is the son of African-American artist Roy McLendon Sr., one of Florida’s 26 black artists known as “The Highwaymen,” that initiated the Indian River art movement in the 1950s. (Jan.19, 2011 blog). Even though Roy Jr. is not considered one of the original 26 “Highwaymen” he clearly remembers that from the age of 8 years, he was painting alongside his father, and with his mother’s encouragement.

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An ​Idea Is Born

While many artist require a reference photo to complete their paintings, the reality for Roy McLendon Jr. is much different. M​ost of the work done by Roy is completely from his head. 

He recalls the environment of his childhood and puts those memories on canvas. His pieces are not done merely by memories, but through the use of great imagination. This God given talent enables him to capture what most people know as "Old Florida".

From mind to canvas

One could expect painting to be a difficult task, but Roy makes it look simple. Years of experiences and effort has put him at the skill level he currently ranks.